PixelMask has a legacy of successful application development with Microsoft software development tools such as Visual Studio. PixelMask .NET development team consists of experienced Microsoft Certified professionals with proven applications development experience in Microsoft and other development environments. Our deep skills in .NET development and thorough understanding of the integration capabilities of all Microsoft technologies make PixelMask your number one choice for application development.

From the very beginning of the .NET Framework, PixelMask invested in R&D with .NET technology and came up with very useful and advanced solutions for its North American clients. PixelMask has trained .NET team of developers, architects, analysts and integrators enabling us to manage even the most complex projects.

PixelMask .NET development include:

  • - System Integration
  • - QA and Testing services
  • - Site core Development
  • - Custom development
  • - Customization of any third party solutions
  • - Migration of legacy applications to .NET
  • - Maintenance and support services

Experience and skills

With PixelMask, you get cost effective, standard code and optimized solutions for your business. We deliver the expertise in the following technology areas:

  • - ASP.Net
  • - ASP.Net MVC
  • - ASP.Net AJAX
  • - ASP.Net Dynamic Data Win Forms
  • - Windows Presentation Foundation
  • - XAML Browser
  • - Applications Silverlight HTTPS/SSL
  • - SSO
  • - X.509
  • - NTLM
  • - Kerberos
  • - Encryption
  • - Auditing
  • - Logging
  • - Silverlight
  • - RIA Services
  • - JavaScript
  • - Enterprise Services
  • - .NET Remoting

Development Process & Project Management

PixelMask teams work in very well structured environment that provides advanced collaboration and knowledge sharing to guarantee agile and best- practice development for your project. By analyzing the project requirements we are applying Agile, Rational Unified Process and V-Model management methodologies.

Application Modernization

Applications evolve over time. Just like businesses, an application must be evaluated, changed, and possibly reinvented to take advantage of innovative business practices, new technologies, or to change the operational costs of using the application.

Organizations recognize a need to evolve their line of business applications, when they experience a number of these core business drivers:

  • - Increasing maintenance costs
  • - Lack of internal resources with specialized skills
  • - Lack of ability to integrate with other, newer systems
  • - A noticeable degradation in performance due to a lack of scalability
  • - An increasing need for more agility, extensibility and flexibility
  • - An increasing number of needed features non-existent in the current solution

Evolving an application to the next phase in its lifecycle requires a disciplined approach to application migration and modernization. PixelMask provides expertise in the process, which can be broken down into three distinct phases; Plan, Deploy and Review.

Business Intelligence

‪‪In today’s world of “Big Data” Business Intelligence is critical to organizational success. Microsoft Business Intelligence helps you gain visibility into data scattered across line-of-business systems and departmental data stores. It transforms raw data into meaningful information that drives management decisions at operational, tactical, and strategic levels. PixelMask has extensive experience with the full Microsoft Business Intelligence solution stack and brings the power of data visualization to organizations of all sizes.

Empower End-Users with Self-Service Analysis and Interactive Data Visualization

PixelMask empowers users of all levels to access and mashup data from virtually any source. Users can create their own compelling reports and analytical applications, easily share insights, and collaborate with colleagues through Microsoft Excel 2010 and SharePoint 2010. SQL Server 2012 introduces Power View, providing SharePoint users with highly interactive, browser-based data exploration, visualization, and presentation capabilities.

PixelMask Business Intelligence Services

‪‪‪PixelMask provides a full range of Microsoft Business Intelligence Services including strategy, implementation, training and support. PixelMask has developed a series of MS Business Intelligence Quick starts that are designed to assist organizations in establishing Business Intelligence (BI) fundamentals and SQL 2012 best practices including: BI Terminology, Data Modeling, ETL, Report Authoring, Automated Builds and Deployments, Maintenance and Management of Microsoft BI environments and more.

Training and Mentoring

Training and Mentoring has been a key component of the PixelMask culture since the inception of our organization in 1997. As such, PixelMask utilizes a unique approach to training that will ensure the successful transfer of the necessary skills required by all staff.

This can include: on-site mentoring, class room training, facilitated learning, seminars, webinars or a combination of approaches.

Our team has developed training material and strategies for hundreds of organizations as well as courseware for Microsoft. We teach our customers the cutting edge skills needed for designing, implementing and maintaining technology solutions and unlike traditional training methodologies, we account for the areas that make your business environment unique.

PixelMask has developed a significant amount of our own course and also teaches Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) Courses. Certified PixelMask professionals are able to deliver training sessions you need to help bring your team up-to-speed on their software development projects.

Virtual mentoring uses videoconferencing, the Internet, and e-mail to mentor individuals or companies. This is beneficial for those organizations that have remote workers, a small number who require training or if you want multiple offices trained at the same time. Virtual mentoring is usually less expensive compared to face-to-face mentoring and provides an individual with more choices for mentors.