Put your enterprise on a path to new initiatives that foster growth while holding the line on IT costs.

Today's most successful websites are dynamic and driven by a database. PixelMask specializes in the design and development of database solutions for a wide range of domains. Our applications range from small databases to large relational databases, multi-site, multi-user database driven applications. Projects can be undertaken at different stages – right at the conceptual stage, through the finished product and our services include Analysis, Design, Programming, Testing, Installation and Support. Other specializations include pure Database support and consultant monitoring of their performances.

Custom database driven website will increase the efficiency of your company. Ongoing website maintenance is also greatly reduced using custom database development and integration technology. PixelMask will provide your business with the right database solution that is needed to drive your business and revenue.

Reduce Costs

Time is money. Smart utilization of time can save you a lot of your cost and help you gain faster. Save time by automating processes and reducing data redundancy through seamless systems integration.

Improve Intelligence

Make smart decisions fast by accessing all of your company's information through rich, visual dashboards and dynamic reports.

Less Headaches

Free your IT staff from time-consuming, day-to-day systems management, so they can focus on helping your business innovate. Connect the right people in your company to the information they need to make timely business decisions.

Stay Organized

Reduce data entry, storage, and retrieval time and costs. Our solutions store data in well-structured, centralized databases making easily accessible to anyone within your business.

Increase Productivity

We take pride in understanding your business, and creating solutions tailored for your business. Our solutions improve your business processes by helping you accomplish tasks more easily. You will love your new productivity.

Access Anywhere

Store your data in a centralized secure place, where it can be accessed from virtually anywhere! Your team will be more knowledgeable and productive with on-the-go access to real-time insights and critical processes.

Our Database experties includes:

Custom Database Development:
  • - Needs Assessment
  • - Database Architecturing
  • - Programming
  • - Emergency Support

Upgrading existing Database:
  • - Structural Analysis
  • - Programming
  • - Emergency Support

Database Connectivity:
  • - Importing / Exporting: Excel – XML – EDI - And others commonly used formats
  • - Active Connections: –ODBC, ADODB, OLEDB, and SQL providers (.NET Classes)

Other Experties


Setting up User and Group accounts, defining different access permissions, backend/frontend table access rights, RWOP queries, locking down applications, adding audit trails, and other custom based security requirements.

Addition of a web based Internet/Intranet interface to an existing database.


Developing complex queries, adding functions to queries, union queries, sub queries, etc.
Performance - Optimizing queries, forms, stored procedures, code, etc. to make your application run at optimum speeds.


Convert a single user system into a multi-user, networked one including front-end/back-end split, table attachment checks and reattachments, access rights, etc.

Extending / enhancing an existing functionality.

Developing specific functions.


Conversion from one version of a Database to another version of the same database, from one database to another database, design a middle tier for export-import of data between different data sources.


Enabling replication and mirroring in a SQL Server database or fixing problems that you may be having with replication.

Import Routines

Writing custom routines to import and validate data from other systems (e.g. xml files, csv files, excel files, etc.).

If your application needs a specific database that is not listed above, you could let us know. We most likely have developers with the experience you require, though we may not use it at the organization level.